Attractive Printable Media

Historically, large format quick-change graphics systems had been created by screen-printing ferrous inks onto the reverse of paper images to create a receptive surface for use in conjunction with magnetic sheet.

The addition of ferrous ink to paper created a surface that was inherently weak and prone to tearing, to contest this problem thicker and heavier paper was used, resulting in a marginal improvement to performance with the downside of increased weight.

The introduction of digifilm® in 2005 under it's original guise was the beginning of the solution we provide today. Although digifilm® was a considerably narrower product in 2005 than we offer now it solved the issues of tearing and weight.

Following development digifilm® is now a wide format, thin and flexible ferrous media, making it ideal for use in a retail environment.

Advancements in printing technology led to further enhancement, specifically to the coating on the printable face. As a result, digifilm® now accepts UV, solvent, eco-solvent and latex inks.

digifilm® is incredibly light yet robust, doesn't tear, rolls for shipment or storage and immediately returns to a flat state for application. Due to it's thin nature four layers of digifilm® can be laid on top of our supamag® magnetic sheet without losing purchase.

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