Edge-to-Edge Magnets

We manufacture two flexible edge-to-edge magnets, both designed for use with large format displays such as those used within the exhibition industry.

Our products allow panels to be magnetically joined and securely held in place with no visible seam.


Our patented product magedge® is the world's first co-extruded flexible magnet, and contains rare earth magnetic material combined with a coloured binder, providing excellent hold strength and easy pole identification.

Thanks to its thin and flexible nature, magedge® can be rolled after application, allowing display panels to be quickly installed after transportation or storage.

No other magnetic product gives such a clean, powerful and aesthetically pleasing solution for seamlessly joining large displays.

We also manufacture another co-extruded flexible magnetic product called bannermag®, which was developed using ferrite magnetic material, making it ideal for joining large format displays when the magnetic pull force is not the primary concern.

bannermag® performs the same function as magedge® and is also flexible enough to be rolled after application.

Product Options


Width 7mm
Thickness 0.7mm
Premium adhesive
Pull Force 18 g/cm

Standard Roll Lengths 10m & 30m
Branding available on orders of 1,000 metres or more.


Width 9mm
Thickness 1.2mm
Premium adhesive
Pull Force 12 g/cm

Standard Roll Length 30m