Magnetic Accessories

Accessories to be used in conjunction with other magnetic products to either enhance performance or provide a wider range of use.

Rubber Pads

Adhesive-backed rubber pads are best used in conjunction with magnets that already offer high pull strength, such as neodymium magnets or pot magnets. The rubber pad increases the magnet's level of shear resistance, allowing use on vertical or angled surfaces.

Our rubber pads are manufactured to order and typically range from 10mm to 100mm in diameter.

Steel Discs

Adhesive-backed steel discs that allow a receptive surface for magnets to be created anywhere. Commonly used in conjunction with magnetic hooks to position signage or store items such as keys. Steel discs can also be used with magnetic markers to hold notices or memos.

Standard sizes 19mm & 25mm diameter, for sufficient volumes we can offer bespoke sizes.

Boutique Coat Hooks

Magnetic coat hooks for hanging garments from a ferrous surface, ideal for use in lockers or industrial environments. The rubber-encased neodymium magnet base provides excellent shear resistance, holding the hook in place indefinitely.

Standard diameters 43mm, 50mm, 66mm, 88mm
Shear Resistance from ≤4kg to ≤15kg
Pull Force from ≤8kg to ≤42kg
Tapered or slotted hook shape