Magnetic Hooks

Magnetic hooks provide a versatile, simple and effective method of mounting signage, media and POS information wherever a receptive horizontal or vertical ferrous surface is available.

We supply a large range of different types of magnetic hooks, suited to various situations and requirements, including rare earth neodymium hooks that are small yet powerful, and especially suited to use in retail.

Quick to install, reposition or remove, magnetic hooks are an adaptable choice and allow for the displayed material to be changed quickly with a minimum of effort.

The type of magnetic hook used will usually be determined by the size of surface area to which the hook will be mounted, an how visble the hook can be once in place.

In addition, some of our hooks can also be used in conjunction with adhesive backed steel discs, which create a receptive surface upon which the hooks can be positioned.

Product Options

Ferrite Hooks

Standard Pull Forces from ≤2kg to ≤32kg

Standard Diameters from 20mm to 63mm

Neo Hooks

Standard Pull Force ≤9kg

Standard Diameter 23mm

Deep Neo Hooks

Standard Pull Forces ≤5kg & ≤12kg

Standard Diameters 15mm & 20mm

Standard Depths 15mm & 16mm

Neo Plastic Hooks or Eyelets

Standard Pull Force ≤2kg

Standard Diameter 16mm

Hook or Eyelet fixings