Magnetic Pads : Neopads

Powerful magnetic pads that work with ferrous surfaces such as steel to provide secure magnetic fixing or hanging solutions.

Neopads are commonly used to secure point of sale displays for retailers, and signage in numerous situations from retail outlets to warehousing to vehicle roof signs.

We manufacture neopads in Sheffield, with most starting life as bespoke products before being incorporated into the standard range available today.

Neopads were originally designed and created for retailers to make the most of the numerous steel or other ferrous surfaces found in stores to magnetically and securely hold or suspend POS material, signage or media in place.

By backing a steel plate with rubber-encased powerful rare earth neodymium magnets, we created a product that is discreet in size, offers superb holding power, and doesn't leave marks, perfect for use in a retail environment where unobtrusive solutions are desired.

The rubber housing to the neodymium magnets provides excellent shear strength, meaning neopads will not slide along the ferrous surface onwhich they are mounted. This makes them particularly suited to use on vertical or angled surfaces.

We manufacture neopads with a variety and combination of fixings or apertures, and can design and manufacture custom pads to suit individual requirements.

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