Magnetic Sheet

supamag® magnetic sheet is Europe's best performing flexible magnetic sheet, boasting high power-to-weight ratios, and works directly with ferrous surfaces such as steel or flexible ferrous materials.

Wide format and universally printable, supamag® is the preferred choice when high performance is key.

The flexible nature of supamag® transfers to its applications, and thanks to this versatility, supamag® can be used to produce large format magnetic graphics displays, signage, promotional material or to work in conjunction with digifilm® to create rapid change, layerable retail graphics or supaferro® for changeable displays.

supamag® magnetic sheet is manufactured using the highest performing ferrite material mixed with a thermoplastic binder and magnetised on one side for the maximum magnetic performance.

Suitable for both roll-to-roll and flat bed printing processes with a choice of white matt, gloss vinyl or PET finish. Adhesive-backed variants are available for bonding directly to various surfaces.

  • Highest performing magnetic sheet in Europe;
  • available as plain, double sided, adhesive-backed, white matt and white gloss;
  • universally printable range - UV, solvent (eco), screen and latex (options for latex printing are available on request);
  • use in conjunction with digifilm® to create multi-layered displays;
  • suitable for flat or curved surfaces;
  • easily changed, cost-effective media;
  • works with any ferrous surface;
  • adhesive options available.

Product Options

For sheet thickness, width and roll length information please refer to the product tables located under Product Information lower down the page.

Plain Flexible Magnetic Sheet

supamag® plain magnetic sheet allows end users to apply their own self-adhesive vinyl or specialist adhesive and retain the advantages of using Europe's best performing flexible magnetic sheet, making it an ideal choice for printers that do not have the ability to print directly to flexible magnetic sheet.

supamag® plain magnetic sheet is available as either isotropic or anisotropic, depending on the intended application and whether strength or flexibility is most important. Our plain magnetic sheet features an anti-mark, clear UV coating on the non-magnetic face.

Double Sided Flexible Magnetic Sheet

Designed to be used on a ferrous surface such as steel, leaving a magnetic face visible to accept ferrous media such as digifilm® or supaferro® ferro sheet allowing for rapid change and layerable graphics in conjunction with digifilm® and graphical or information displays when used with supaferro® ferro sheet.

Self-Adhesive Flexible Magnetic Sheet

We apply a range of adhesives to magnetic sheet to facilitate bonding to a wide variety of surfaces and medias, allowing the creation of a magnetic surface or promotional material. 

If bonded to a surface or media, the magnetic face can be used to create rapid change, layerable retail graphics in conjunction with digifilm® and graphical or information displays when used with supaferro® ferro sheet. Alternatively, to create magnetic promotional material, a printed media can be bonded to the adhesive face.

Flexible Magnetic Sheet – Surface Variations

White Matt and White Gloss Flexible Magnetic Sheet
White matt or white gloss faced supamag® is a universally printable flexible magnetic sheet, which is ideal for creating retail graphics when used in conjunction with in-store steel surfaces, or alternatively vehicle signage.

Coloured Flexible Magnetic Sheet
We laminate matt or gloss vinyl to plain magnetic sheet to create a coloured magnetic sheet. Our standard options are red, yellow, green, blue and black with other vinyl colours available on request.

Dry Wipe Flexible Magnetic Sheet
We can add a dry wipe coating to our white gloss magnetic sheet, providing an easy to install white board that can be used on any ferrous surface.