Magnetic Tiling System

Retile® is our magnetic tiling system, designed to provide a quicker and easier method of installing and replacing tiles in a showroom environment.

Retile® allows showrooms to install or change tile displays quickly and easily whilst reducing downtime and overheads.

The Retile® system uses a combination of easily-applied, wall-mounted, ferrous panels and tile-mounted magnetic panels which work in concert to magnetically hold the tiles in place.

Once the tiles are magnetically mounted, grout is applied to complete the tiled area without the need for adhesives.

Retile® is suitable for all tile sizes and reduces the time, effort and cost associated with installing, changing or removing tiles.

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Quickly & Easily Install & Replace Tiling

Prepare Surface

1) Start with a clean, flat substrate and seal with a suitable primer. Leave to dry.

2) Apply the Retile® attractive ferrous panels to the sealed substrate using the application roller supplied with your Retile® kit to ensure no pockets of air are trapped.

Apply Retile® sheets to tiles

3) Apply the Retile® magnetic panels (pre-cut to your specification) to the rear of the tiles using the application roller, ensuring the high bond adhesive is firmly in contact with the tile.

Tile with Retile®

4) Tile the surface using the supplied magnetic spirit level as a starting point and plastic spacers for consistent spacing between tiles.

Grout to finish

5) Once all the tiles are in place, the area is ready for grouting.

Easily & quickly Retile®

6) When the display needs changing, simply remove the tiles, wash the grout from the surface, and install your new tiles.

Product Information

Retile® magnetic tiling system