Pot Magnets

We have been manufacturing our pot magnets in Sheffield for decades; over the years we have refined our technique resulting in a high quality product with excellent magnetic performance.

Our pot magnets are created by encasing a rare earth neodymium magnet in steel, which concentrates the magnetic contact grip of the finished product.

We manufacture the pot magnets with either a plain finish, countersunk or a choice of fixing studs dependent on the intended application.

Due to their high magnetic contact grip, pot magnets are particularly suited to applications where the holding force is paramount such as retail or external signage.

Product Options

Studded Pot Magnets

Standard Fixings: M4 or M6 screw thread
Standard Pull Force ≤12kg, ≤20kg, ≤30kg
Standard Ø 20mm, 25mm, 32mm

Standard Thickness 6mm or 8mm

Plain Pot Magnets

Standard Pull Force ≤12kg, ≤20kg, ≤30kg
Standard Ø 20mm, 25mm, 32mm
Standard Thickness 6mm or 8mm

Countersunk Pot Magnet

Standard Fixing: M6 countersunk
Standard Pull Force: ≤18kg
Standard Ø 25mm

Standard Thickness 8mm

Bespoke Capabilities

If you have a requirement for a differently-sized pot magnet or fixing, please contact us to see how we can assist you further by designing and manufacturing a custom product that fulfils your specification.

Product Information

Please note neodymium pot magnets have a maximum operating temperature of 60°C.

All pull force tests carried out on flat, mild steel, minimum thickness of 2mm.

Different grades of steel, or coatings such as paint can affect magnetic performance.

Pull force figures should be considered as the maximum pull force, not the intended working load.

Standard Neodymium Pot Magnets

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