Promotional Magnets

Research has proven that promotional magnets are one of the longest lasting and most cost-efficient forms of advertising available.

Our materials, capabilities and experience make us ideally placed to produce promotional magnet campaigns ranging from volumes as low as 500 pieces, up to high volume runs of 5 million pieces.

We are able to facilitate the entire process following receipt of your artwork or free issue printed media, and can deliver the finished promotional magnets in sheet form, die cut, or kiss cut as per your requirement.

As we do not advocate the use of low-grade magnetic sheet for creating promotional magnets, your campaign will be produced through one of three methods below, depending on the desired volume and finish.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Lithomag® flexible magnetic sheet

Designed for high volume runs with offset lithographic or digital print, lithomag® is a flexible strontium ferrite sheet which is magnetised after the printing process is complete.

Other suppliers typically use a magnetic sheet with a very low level of magnetisation to prevent it from sticking to the cylinders during the printing process. This results in a promotional magnet that exudes the lowest level of magnetisation and often under performs or represents the company being promoted in a less than exemplary fashion.

lithomag® removes the all risk from the print process and results in a higher performing promotional magnet that is also light, making it ideal for distribution by mail.

Supplied in B2 sized sheets 700mm x 500mm.

Die cut or kiss cut as required.

Laminate printed media

Printed media is laminated directly to our supamag® superior magnetic sheet resulting in a promotional magnet with a high pull strength.

Supplied die cut or kiss cut as required.

Print onto supamag® magnetic sheet

Low volume runs of a high pull strength promotional magnet can be achieved by digital printing directly onto white-faced supamag® magnetic sheet.

Drywipe & Chalkboard Promotional Boards

Our supamag® drywipe & chalkboard surfaces can be used with traditional and liquid inks and chalks.  Can be taken down and rolled up for easy storage.  Easy to use/wipe clean and use again.  Perfect for your promotional board, menu board, or notice board.