warmroom® Magnetic Heat Saver

Make homes cosier with warmroom®, our patented magnetic heat saver designed to reduce heat loss, heating bills and carbon emissions.

Designed and manufactured in Sheffield, warmroom® is our patented magnetic heat saver, which reduces heat loss, carbon emissions and heating costs.

Tests conducted by Sheffield University have shown warmroom® can reduce the heat lost through walls by up to 60% whilst simultaneously lowering carbon emissions by 19kg/m² per year.

warmroom® consists of an aluminium heat shield bonded to a high performing flexible magnetic sheet which allows it to adhere to the rear of steel radiators.

The low emissivity of the aluminium inhibits the transfer of heat, preventing it from reaching the wall, and the magnetic element means radiators do not need to be removed, facilitating quick and easy installation by tenants and residents, resulting in no installation costs, unlike other heat saving products, making it a cost-effective alternative or companion to other forms of insulation.

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Benefits of warmroom®

Instantly make rooms cosier

Once installed, warmroom® starts to function immediately, making a room cosier immediately by reflecting heat back into the living space.

Within 30 minutes of retrofitting warmroom®, the wall behind the radiator will be cool as the heat is reflected back into the room.

Easy to install or retro fit

warmroom® magnetic panels are quickly and easily installed in seconds, all without removing the radiator.

Simply slide the warmroom® magnetic panels vertically down the back of the radiator, with the magnetic face in contact with the radiator and the reflective side facing the wall.

Place the warmroom® panels edge-to-edge to ensure total coverage.

warmroom® can easily be cut with scissors to work around radiator brackets.

Reduces heat loss

warmroom® prevents heat radiating to the wall behind your radiator, reducing heat loss through the wall by up to 60%.

Lower heating costs and carbon emissions

Tests conducted by Sheffield University have determined that warmroom® reduces heating bills and carbon emissions.

                                                Normal Radiator      Radiator with warmroom®

Inside wall temperature                    45°C                             25°C

Heat loss per m2                                80W                             40W

This shows a saving of 40W. Standard heating (as used in SAP calculations, BRE) is 11 hours per day for a 30-week season, amounting to 2,310 hours.

With an average outside temperature of 5°C, you would save approximately 40W for 2,310 hours, which equals 92.4kWh per m².

Carbon Savings:

1kWh (Gas) = 0.205kg of CO₂

92.4kWh x 0.205kg = 19kg of CO₂ per m² per year.

Supplied in radiator sized packs

Each pack of warmroom® contains six panels measuring 500mm x 195mm, sufficient to cover an averagely-sized radiator.