Flexible Ferro Sheet

supaferro® is our superior flexible ferro sheet.

Wide format and printable, supaferro® is made from the highest quality ferrous material, bound with synthetic rubber for maximum performance and versatility.

supaferro® sheet is a durable and tactile material with superb magnetic receptiveness, making it ideal for use in conjunction with supamag® magnetic sheet to create large format graphics displays or signage. This is achieved by supaferro® forming a base layer to receive printed magnetic sheet, or by printed supaferro® itself being applied to a magnetic base layer.

Thanks to its flexible nature, supaferro® can be applied to flat or curved surfaces, making it a versatile and effective choice for retailers and other users alike.

supaferro® is also used to create dry wipe whiteboards that accept magnets, commonly termed 'magnetic white boards'.

supaferro® is:

  • made from the highest quality ferrite material;
  • available as plain, adhesive-backed, white matt, white gloss, coloured;
  • printable using UV, (eco) solvent and screen inks;
  • used in conjunction with magnetic sheet to create graphics displays, signage or whiteboard surfaces;
  • applicable to flat or curved surfaces;
  • cost-effective media that can be quickly replaced;
  • available in PVC & PET vinyl and adhesive options.

Product Options

Plain ferro sheet

Plain ferro sheet is available in two thicknesses, 0.4mm and 0.6mm. Your choice will be determined by the level of magnetic reception you require, with 0.6mm offering a higher level of reception due its higher iron content.

Adhesive backed ferro sheet

We can apply a number of adhesives to ferro sheet to allow bonding to a number of surfaces and medias to create a surface receptive to magnets. Once bonded to a surface or media the receptive face can be used in conjunction with supamag® magnetic sheet to create graphic displays or signage.

Surface Variations

White Matt/Gloss Ferro Sheet:

Our white matt or gloss-faced supaferro® provides a universally printable flexible ferro sheet which is ideal for using in conjunction with supamag® magnetic sheet to create retail graphics or signage.

Dry Wipe Ferro Sheet/Chalkboard Ferro Sheet

Self-adhesive supaferro® ferro sheet with a dry wipe or chalkboard face is the ideal product for creating magnetically-receptive visual planning walls or smaller boards, commonly referred to as 'magnetic boards'. The high ferrous content of our ferro sheet in conjunction with a dry-wipe or chalkbaord surface provides a multi-functional surface with superb magnetic receptiveness.

Chalkboard is available in adhesive and non-adhesive backed variants.

Coloured Ferro Sheet:

We laminate metamark matt or gloss vinyl to plain ferro sheet to create a coloured sheet. Our standard options are red, yellow, green, blue and black with other metalmark vinyl colours available on request.

Product Information

Download our supaferro® product table and brochure below

supaferro® brochure

supaferro® product table

supaferro® DE Brochure