technical help


We often receive questions regarding our products or magnetics in general. This section will answer some of the questions we are commonly asked.

Feel free to contact us for further information, or to ask a question we have not covered below.

What's the difference between 'attractive' and 'magnetic'?

The term 'attractive' is used to refer to ferrous materials or ferrous metals that attract magnets or magnetic material.

Ferrous material or metals contain iron (Fe, derived from the Latin, 'ferrum'). Common ferrous metals include alloy steel such as stainless steel, carbon steel, cast iron and wrought iron.

Magnetic materials and magnets have a magnetic field and are attracted to ferrous material or metal.

What kind of magnets do you sell?

Our range of magnets includes flexible magnetic sheet and tape, magnets in a closed assembly, sintered rare earth neodymium magnets and sintered ferrite magnets in numerous forms. Please visit our products page for full details.

What products do you sell to which magnets or magnetic material will be attracted?

Our attractive or ferrous products are digifilm® ferrous media, supaferro® flexible ferrous sheet and steel tape. Please visit our products page for further information.

Is your magnetic sheet printable?

Our range of supamag® flexible magnetic sheet is universally printable. Please visit the magnetic sheet product page for full details.

Do you offer a conversion service?

We can resize magnetic sheet, ferrous sheet or ferrous media to suit your requirements. We can also slit flexible magnetic material to specific widths, kiss or die cut or apply a range of substrates including adhesives, vinyl, dry wipe overlaminates, free issue printed media and foamex.

Please contact us for further information on our capabilties.